About Us

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Migration Services

We have been extracting data from PACS, tapes, disks, scanners, etc. for over 20 years. Don't think that because your data is stored on an out-of-contract device, a failed jukebox or sitting on a shelf somewhere that we can't make it available to your and your patients.

Accreditation Services

We've handled over 5000 MR, CT, Ultrasound and other modality devices as they have undergone accreditation for the ACR and IAC. We know how to standardize data and make it ready for accreditation. Please let us help you with your next submission.

Software Engineering

Over the years we've written over 2,000,000 lines of code to support our software, services and OEM products. At our core we are a software engineering company. Contact us if you would like us to put that experience to work in your next product or project.

  • DesAcc is short for 'Designed Access'. We've been a Data Science driven company for over 20 years now, deciphering file formats, API's, how medical devices communicate and how data is stored. That knowledge has allowed us to build products and services utilized in thousands of healthcare facilities. And we are just getting started!

    - Hugh Lyshkow, Co-Founder