Data Continuity = Migration 2.0

What is Data Continuity?

Extracting an institute's health data from its old PACS or EHR is more than just migrating files. It is about ensuring that the data is properly deployed, available and compatible within its new enterprise environment. This extension of the life cycle of your patient data is what we call "Data Continuity".

We understand that to maintain data continuity for your patients that you require that data to be available quickly, cleansed of any prior vendor hacks, harmonized within the latest interoperability standards and fully compatible within your new clinical environment.

    - Agfa PACS
    - Canon PACS
    - Carestream PACS
    - GE PACS
    - McKesson PACS
    - Philips PACS
    - Siemens PACS
    - Radiology
    - Cardiology
    - Other "ologies"
    - ECM based scanned documents
    - Paper, paper and more paper
    - Getting a Single Patient Off of MOD
    - Out-of-Warranty Jukebox Failure
    - Legacy Scanner Decommissioning
    - Data Retention Requirements
    - That Cabinet Full of Disks and Tapes