Data Continuity Engine

The DesAcc Data Continuity Engine

All of our data migration services utilize the DesAcc Data Continuity Engine (DCE), our in-house developed software platform specifically designed for rapidly and scalably handling media and network based migrations.

Figure 1. DCE Configured for an Agfa IMPAX PACS Migration

eXtreme Speed by Media Based Migration

Because the Data Continuity Engine's Media Manager can directly control optical disk jukeboxes, tape libraries and access network files natively, speeds in excess of 4TB/day of data extraction can be achieved. As the extracted data is pipe-lined through DCE, automatic meta-data extraction, cleansing and transcoding can be performed, allowing real-time migrations to be accomplished. Buffered migrations can also be handled via virtualized media image creation, which is needed when the end-point ingesting PACS or Cloud cannot keep up with the realtime output from the Data Continuity Engine.

Built-in scalability allows multiple jukeboxes or tape libraries to be assigned to a single project, allowing for media extractions exceeding 100,000 studies/day (equal to 1,000 MOD's).

No more waiting years for a migration to be accomplished via DICOM Query/Retrieve, direct media-based migration with RIS updates applied allows for mid-sized migration to be completed in weeks.

The Data Continuity Engine Plug-In API

An Application Programming Interface (API) to the Data Continuity Engine allows plug-ins to easily be added for new media types and required actions.

Plug-ins have been developed for most PACS vendors' removable media formats and network back-ended storage mechanisms including EMC Centera and EMC DiskXtender.

Contact DesAcc for a complete list of Action plug-ins, such as for VNA connectivity, NoSQL integration and Cloud based interoperability.